FutureY: Next Generation Leadership in the WEB3 Future.  Podcast Artwork Image

FutureY: Next Generation Leadership in the WEB3 Future.

Tyler Mongan

FutureY (by HA:KU) In this podcast we explore leadership in the context of a WEB3 future. We discuss how to lead in decentralized & autonomous systems and token-based economies while navigating the disruption of blockchain & AI technology. How to harness the power of WEB3 security, scalability and privacy. How to implement WEB3 economics (GameFi, ShareFi, LearnFi, FitFi) to increase productivity, engagement and motivation. We explore proven mindsets, tools and methodologies that can help leaders navigate the complexity, uncertainty, and exponential change that a WEB3 presents. And we explore how to balance hi-touch and high touch to build a more JEDI (Just, Equitable, Diverse, Inclusive) and Sustainability world. "Futures Intelligence Leadership Podcast: Delivering Innovative Wisdom for Future-Ready Organizations. The future, just like leadership, is a dialogue. Due to increased uncertainty, complexity and exponential changes, the more dialogues you have as a leader the more wisdom you gather to prepare you for the future. Diversity of dialogues increase the opportunity for innovation to solve future problems before they arise. In this Podcast host Tyler Mongan, President of Haku global, facilitates two diverse experts in a dialogue about what it means to be a future intelligent leader. Deep insights emerge, new ways of thinking and being are revealed, and practical actions are explored to expand the wisdom or future-ready leaders. Join Haku.global in shaping the future of leadership. Find out more at www.haku.global Note: FutureY is the evolution of the Future Leadership Intelligent Podcast which asked the key question "how can leaders be more intelligent about the future."
Episode 36F with Guests Jan Klakurke, Candice Chow, Roger Spitz and Rauli NykänenOctober 13, 2021 Episode artwork Episode 36E with Mattia Vettorello and Jim BurkeOctober 04, 2021 Episode artwork Episode 36D Leadership for the Future with Timothy Dolan, Elizabeth Turesky and Carol NemeroffSeptember 14, 2021 Episode artwork Episode 36C: Mastery of the Unexpected and Discerning the Past to Lead the FutureAugust 31, 2021 Episode artwork Episode 36B with Elissa Farrow and Charlene D'AmoreAugust 24, 2021 Episode artwork Episode 36A: Leadership for the Future with Thomas Mengel August 15, 2021 Episode artwork Episode 35: Looking for What Has Not Changed In the Future with Ralph Mercer and Kevin EikenberryAugust 03, 2021 Episode artwork Episode 34: Finding Space for exponential opportunities in exponential change with Amy Fletcher and John HagelJuly 06, 2021 Episode artwork Episode 33: Functional, Implicit and Relational Roles within an Emerging Organizational System with Joan Lurie and Aurora AritaoJune 20, 2021 Episode artwork Episode 32: The Impossible Role of Leadership wth Riel Miller and Miguel JiminezJune 06, 2021 Episode artwork Episode 31: Leading with High-Human-Touch in the Hi-Tech multiverse with Elissa Farrow and Cathy HacklMay 25, 2021 Episode artwork Episode 30: Network Weaving & Digital Paradox with Jeff Piontek and Daniel PesutMarch 30, 2021 Episode artwork Episode 29: Balancing Chaos and Order For More Future Intelligence with Adam Safron and Thomas Schindler March 16, 2021 Episode artwork Episode 28: Big Thinking, Practical Application for more Future Intelligence Leadership March 02, 2021 Episode artwork Episode 27: Why leadership needs more complex thinking, how leaders set the tone of the organization through their Volatilome, why leadership that inspires neural synchronization creates a more innovative and futures ready organization, and how to deal wiNovember 24, 2020 Episode artwork Episode 26: the role of technology in disabling and building trust, why Sentiment analysis might be a good signal for the past, but a poor signal for the future, why leadership needs to move from deterministic thinking to probabilistic thinking...November 09, 2020 Episode artwork Episode 25: The brain is a system within a system...embedded in a system, how mindfulness impacts brain traits and states, how to utilize bias, How to unwind detrimental thought loops, Why the brain is the original virtual reality device...October 26, 2020 Episode artwork Episode 24: Technology Upgrades and Human Performance, Humility in complex decision making, pushups for the mind, values vs results and bravado vs authentic courage with Paul Gibbons and Armon OwensOctober 12, 2020 Episode artwork Episode 23: Limitations of self awareness and memory, disposition in complexity, navigating crisis using diversity and distributed decision making, and getting rid of individual leadership and embrace contextual and crewSeptember 27, 2020 Episode artwork Episode 22: Reducing the Shock Factor, Accessing New Opportunities, Working through turbulence and building the foresight muscle with Dr Katherine Green and Dr Nur AnisahSeptember 14, 2020 Episode artwork Episode 21: Empathic, Adaptive, Improvisational, Intuitive Leadership with Norman Wolfe and Francis ValintineAugust 31, 2020 Episode artwork Episode 20: Futures Intelligence Leadership Podcast with Mark Laisure and David Burkus. psychological safety in change, The power of “I don’t know”, how to create collaborative visions of the future. August 15, 2020 Episode artwork Episode 19: how to stay relevant as a leader, story-telling and communication in a rapid change, the difference between amateur and pro futurists, being transparent with your values, and why leadership should be optimistic about the future. August 02, 2020 Episode artwork Episode 18: How to use values to thrive in complexity and change, Why leadership needs both real-time data and a future vision to properly manage crisis, why old styles of leadership is dying and how that will foster a renewed leadership strength. July 20, 2020 Episode artwork Episode 17: Collective Intelligence, Intelligence, Wisdom & Intuition, Deep embodiment, Spiral Futures, Cognitive DiversityJune 29, 2020 Episode artwork